Home Gym Set for Healthy Crew

In 2012 Stella Maris was donated a home gym set that belonged to one of its members who was moving to Queensland and didn't have room for the gym. From where it was situated in the centre it caught the attention of a Ukrainian captain from the car carrier Viking Diamond. Negotiations were made and finally the home gym set was taken apart and transported to the vessel from where the crew would re-assemble it again.

Reports back from the vessel indicated that the gym set was very popular amongst the Ukrainian and Filipino crew. Captain Pankov was very much delighted to see the crew keeping active and making good use with the gym set. Before this they had only a few small weights to choose from. However, after coming back to work from his 3 month rest Captain Pankov was given a new vessel to be in charge of, and even though the vessel was brand new and had a room allocated specifically for the gym, again, just a few weights and an excercise bike was present.

The gymnasium room looking a little bare

Luck being in his favour Captain Pankov noticed that their schedule had them visiting Melbourne again. An email to Stella Maris requesting assistance in finding them another home gym set was set in motion. A week later the home gym set was located at an online store located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The item was agreed to by the captain and payment was made. The item was delivered to Stella Maris where it was kept until the new vessel Viking Ocean docked into Melbourne. Customs forms were stamped and cleared and the gym was ready to be transported to the vessel.

The new home gym set already installed and ready for use

Arriving at the vessel, having been escorted by security staff at Webb Dock East, the crew were about to get started unloading from the Stella Maris bus. The gym set was already pre-packed into 4 boxes but the weight and size of those boxes made it very hard to carry onto the vessel. In the end it was decided to drive the bus onto the ship itself where the gym could be unloaded and kept until ready for instalation. A tour of the new vessel and a cup of coffee made from coffee beans grown in Papua New Guinea plantation was the climax of the day. Another job well done!!

Captain Volodymyr Pankov (right) and 2nd Officer Oleksandr Syrchin on the bridge

Just recieved an email of thanks from the captain that same evening, plus news that the Gym Set had already been put together and has been in use by the crew.